A Guide to Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring in Chicago

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A Guide to Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring in Chicago

Congratulations! You've found your soulmate. Now comes the hard part: Finding the perfect DIAMOND RING to pop the question. We know this can be a daunting task – choosing from what seems like an infinite list of different colors, cuts, and carats for that special someone's DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RING. Before you break out into a sweat, we have put together a list of everything you need to know so you can walk into the jeweler like a pro.

  1. Learn about the 4-Cs of Diamond – As we all know, a diamond engagement ring is not an insignificant purchase. Not only is this ring a symbol of your commitment, but it is also a lifetime investment to be cherished forever. For this reason, it’s important you learn the THE 4 CS OF A DIAMOND: Clarity, Cut, Carat, and Color. These 4 basic characteristics of the diamond ultimately determine its quality, beauty, and structure. 

  2. Crosscheck Diamond Certification – Talk to a jeweler to check certificates and grading criteria; some labs may have irregular grading requirements, and sometimes the certifcate doesn't tell the whole story. We recommend you opt for diamonds that have been graded by labs like AGS or GIA, because their certifications are reliable, accurate, and use universally accepted grades to analyze diamond qualities.

  3. Diamond-Cut Assessment – Cut is King. The way that a diamond is cut can determine the beauty and elegance of the ring. A high-cut standard will be easy to distinguish, more attractive, and more durable than a low-cut standard. Apart from cut quality, the diamond depth and table also vary for every shape. Your jeweler can give you lots more detail on this one and show you cut variations in person!

  4. Evaluate the Diamond's Color – Keep it clear-cut. Diamonds that exhibit yellowish or brown tints are lower quality diamonds, while clear, colorless diamonds are a sign of higher quality. Diamond wedding engagement rings with a color grade of H to J are some of the finest and best value options in CHICAGO JEWELRY STORES. In addition, options like matching the color of the center diamond with the rest in the setting are available if there is more than one diamond in the WEDDING RING. These details are helpful to assess the perfect diamond wedding ring of your choice and budget. 

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