When you’re shopping for diamonds in Chicago, you don’t want average -- you want the best. That’s why you will want to discover what we have to offer here at Ethan Lord Jewelers. Every beautiful, conflict-free Ethan Lord Jewelers diamond is GIA-certified, created to the strictest quality standards for cut, color, clarity, etc. This means you can count on us for gorgeous gems that outshine the competition time and time again. Shop our selection to find just the right diamond ring in Chicago or Scottsdale — so you can wow your beloved. Or upgrade your own wedding band with the ring of your dreams. From both of our locations, we provide the best and most impressive engagement ring diamonds in the industry. Contact us anytime to learn more!

The Highest Cut Standards for Quality Diamonds

At Ethan Lord Jewelers, since we believe cut is the most important characteristic for round diamonds, we only offer those with GIA grades of Very Good or Excellent. In addition, all of our fancy-shaped diamonds, such as a cushion or a princess, are only available if they have minimum grades of Very Good for both polish and symmetry. Although fancy-shaped diamonds are not graded for cut, these specifications optimize the brilliance and beauty of the diamond you select.

Find Your Dream Diamond Ring in Chicago

Ethan Lord Jewelers has two locations: one in Scottsdale, Arizona; and one in Chicago. You can visit either site to find high-quality, stunning stones that will wow you the moment you lay your eyes on them. Our professionals have made it their mission to provide you with the best diamond ring in Scottsdale or Chicago, with the finest and most visually stunning diamonds Scottsdale or Chicago clients can find. Visit either of our locations, or get in touch with us today to talk about the possibilities.