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Can you find great value in heirloom-quality diamonds? Yep. How? Get help from friends like us. ⁠⁠We learn what's important to you, then work with top dealers to bring in diamonds just for your visit. With our expertise and relationships, we go above and beyond to maximize exceptional beauty and value in lab created and mined diamonds. All of this, in a comfortable and stress-free environment. Get Started

How to Choose a Diamond

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Diamonds - even cream of the crop - are graded by humans. This means the 4 C's can look different across different diamonds, even if they're the same on paper. See for yourself, learn what's most important to you, and expect to find amazing beauty and value.

Canadamark Diamonds

These mines go above and beyond ethically by focusing on sustainability, environmental impact, human rights, and the importance of trace-ability. All mines affiliated with Canadamark must meet strict environmental regulations imposed by the Canadian government in order to protect the wildlife, waterways and fishing habitats of the affected areas. What's more, they are in support of local aboriginal communities in Canada's Northwest Territories. We're proud to work with select dealers who are licensed to carry diamonds from these mines. A perfect choice for conscientious couples, Canadamark diamonds are priced on par with other GIA certified stones.

Lab Created Diamonds

We have access to the best lab created diamonds available and are happy to present them side-by-side to mined diamonds or other alternatives. A great option for clients looking for real beauty and value.

All Conflict Free Diamonds

Every diamond is carefully vetted and sourced in an ethically-conscious manner. We only work with the industry’s most reputable and regulated suppliers of high-quality diamonds, adhering to a strict, zero-tolerance policy of adherence to the Kimberley Process and against conflict diamonds. MORE ON RESPONSIBLE SOURCING