Conflict Free and Responsible Sourcing

Ethan Lord Jewelers, along with the global diamond community, has a zero tolerance policy towards conflict diamonds and gemstones.  A conflict diamond, also called a “blood” or war diamond, refers to a diamond mined with a lack of regard for human rights or is used to finance illegal activities.  We at Ethan Lord only purchase loose stones through the most respected vendors that adhere to and enforce the standards established by the Kimberley Process. Ethan Lord strongly adheres to this policy and will not continue relationships with those found in violation of either the Kimberley Process or those infringing on basic human rights. 

We are also proud to offer clients completely conflict free, sustainable Canadian mined diamonds as well as lab created diamonds. Lab diamonds are made under controlled laboratory environments and eliminate the risk of human rights violations within the supply chain. 

Our manufacturer is a certified member of the RESPONSIBLE JEWELLERY COUNCIL, the global standard-bearer for ensuring responsible jewelry throughout the supply chain. Members are audited every 1-3 years for environmental sustainability, human rights, and financial accountability such as following anti-money laundering and anti-bribery practices. Our metals are 100% recycled whenever possible.