Black Diamonds

Learn all about beautiful black diamonds and why they’re taking the jewelry world by storm from the expert jewelers at Ethan Lord.
Black Diamonds

We’re all accustomed to diamonds being white; however, in recent years black diamonds have been hot on the scene and doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon.

What are Black Diamonds? Why are they trending? What types of jewelry are black diamonds created for?

Originally, black diamonds were called Carbonado-a pure carbon crystal found by miners in Brazil in the 1800s. This stone is opaque and rather than SHINE like white diamonds. The crystal structure of black diamonds absorb light and are especially resilient.

Black diamonds have been formed deep within the earth and are often grey in color and therefore is treated. Compared to white diamonds, black diamonds are less expensive; however, the rare to find natural black diamonds are slightly more costly than treated ones. 

This gemstone is fashionable, stunning and offers an elegant touch to coordinate with any wardrobe or diamond engagement ring. Whether you’re dressing up for an evening out or sporting a casual style for the day, black diamonds can tie in any a great ensemble.

Black diamonds can be created for various pieces of jewelry ranging from braceletsearrings, necklaces to engagement rings. This piece of treasure became popular in the 1990s and continues to be a fad today and can be seen gracing the pages of numerous style publications. Celebrities like Leanne Rimes, and Jenny Garth were both spotted donning black diamonds from their wrists to their fingers.

Black diamonds are classy and can be adaptable to every day wear- an affordable alternative to the traditional white diamonds. When black diamonds are crafted in platinum, silver or gold, this unique stone radiates and captures attention, making it all more the desirable. 

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