3 Keepsake Jewelry Ideas for Babies and Kids

3 Keepsake Jewelry Ideas for Babies and Kids

The little people in your life are probably some of your greatest treasures. Across cultures, many people partake in traditions or have a desire to create or gift something special to their kids or grandkids that they can hold onto and cherish forever. Keepsake jewelry can be a fun matching item for your spouse and child, a religious keepsake, or in some societies a symbol to protect the baby or ward off evil. In some cases, it can even help signify gender or a medical condition, but more commonly it is a great way to commemorate a child’s milestones. Major events like a birthday, a baby’s first steps or a religious rite like a christening are all great opportunities to gift a future heirloom.

Keepsake jewelry for babies is a great way to kick off their collection of fine jewelry and to make a child feel special. No matter what your reason for adorning your little one is, we wanted to share some inspiration and ideas to help design your own!


Chain Bracelets with Personalized Charm

  • Bracelets are often thought to be one of the safest options.
  • They are a great gift that can easily grow with the child. Over time the bracelet can evolve by adding new lengths of chain or could be extended by linking more charms together. Each milestone becomes an opportunity to grow the piece further. Later on in life, if bracelets aren’t their thing, it could be adapted into a necklace by turning the charm into a pendant.
  • Charm theme ideas: 
    • Astrological-inspired symbols
    • Birthstones
    • Favorite things
    • Nickname or namesake symbols

Custom Engraved Pendants

  • Similar to bracelets, necklaces are another popular keepsake item. These are a great opportunity to incorporate a birthstone, engrave it with a drawing, the child’s name / monogram, or a significant date.
  • Looking for some more suggestions? Try engraving a particular symbol or shape that represents your child’s name or a family nickname. Choose some sort of imagery or iconography that symbolizes a favorite past-time you share or perhaps an astrological symbol.
  • If you'd like to incorporate your child's own art into an engraving, it's possible! DID YOU KNOW WE CAN SCAN A CHILD’S DRAWING OR HANDWRITING AND ENGRAVE IT DIRECTLY INTO GOLD OR SILVER?


  • Earrings are something that can make a great gift, although it is often debated when it is appropriate to pierce your child’s ears. Once you make that decision for yourself, screw back posts or some sort of safety backing is recommended as well as hypoallergenic metals, of course.
  • The most popular child-appropriate earrings are studs (with or without a securely set gemstone) and small huggie hoops.

Materials and Safety Concerns to Consider

Of course, with infants especially, safety is a primary concern. There are a few things you need to consider before making an investment:

  • Materials should be hypoallergenic to protect youngsters delicate skin, so for example gold, sterling silver, or something like brass plated with 18 karat gold are ideal.
  • The size should be proportionate to the tiny human in your life, and should be scaled down.
  • Extra care should be taken when selecting findings like safe clasps or screw back posts for earrings.
  • Since they are prone to put things in their mouths and tend to lead a wild, active, and carefree lifestyle it is wise to keep in mind the age of the child you are shopping for and what type of piece can be appreciated and cared for appropriately.


Ways to Wear your Beloved Keepsake Jewelry Again

Looking for ways to start wearing your precious, child-size jewelry again?

  • Consider resizing rings or bracelets or purchasing a longer chain for a pendant.
  • Slip small rings on a chain and wear them around your neck.
  • Turn your favorite charm into a pendant or add length to the chain of a bracelet to fit your current wrist size.
  • Repurpose the gemstones or metal into a new custom design with us!

Gifting a piece of fine jewelry to a growing child can make them feel more sophisticated and give them a sense of pride. I’m sure you are thinking about digging through your jewelry box to find some of the pieces you hold dear to your heart. These special keepsakes are truly something to cherish forever, and a memory worth holding onto and passing down for generations to come.

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