Once you’ve found the one you want to spend your life with, all that’s left to do is find the ring — but not just any ring! You want to find something unforgettable, demonstrating the commitment you want to make. When you don’t see an option that catches your eye, why not design an engagement ring as unique as the love you’re celebrating? Ethan Lord Jewelers specializes in custom engagement ring design that’s catered to your desires. To design the perfect ring, here’s what we recommend:

The first and, in some cases, most important step in designing an engagement ring is research. Take time to get to know what’s available, what you’re looking for, what your beloved likes, and what you want to design.

Possible ring designs: Explore a wide range of styles, materials and options so that you can get a feel for what you like best. Browse catalogs, magazines, the Internet and the hands of people you know to see what catches your eye.

Your future spouse’s tastes: Think carefully about what your future spouse likes — in terms of jewelry and overall style. Is she into modern design or more vintage looks? Does she always wear yellow gold, or would she prefer platinum? Likewise, find out her ring size so the ring will fit perfectly at the proposal!

Your future spouse’s life: Consider if your desired design will fit your future spouse’s lifestyle. How active is she? What hobbies is she regularly involved in? How will her ring work with that lifestyle?

2. Set a Realistic Budget
If you didn’t need to worry about time or money, you could shop around for rings forever. Since you eventually want to pop the question, however, set a realistic timeline for designing your ring, not to mention a budget.

Price point: Determine upfront what you can afford to spend, to avoid getting in over your head with a design. Custom rings tend to be more expensive than existing options, as they require lengthy hours of production and custom work. By knowing what you can spend, you can prioritize the aspects of the design that are most important to you, whether that’s diamond quality, diamond size, intricacy of design or something else.

Timeline: You may feel ready to propose tomorrow, or you may be thinking about getting engaged next year. Whatever the case, think about a realistic timeline when you go into the design process. Creating a custom ring won’t happen overnight; typically it’s a month-long process. Make sure you allocate time to spend on the creation process.

Once you know what you want, what you can afford and when you want the ring to be finished, you’re ready to move forward with your design. Talk with Ethan Lord Jewelers to get expert advice and guidance in the process!

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