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Megan is a Chicago-area blogger we met on Instagram, and we all clicked when it came time for her to design her own custom bracelet. Read on to learn about her experience, in her own words, as featured on Bowtiful Life. All photos are Megan's own.

In Megan's Own Words: Making her Bowtiful Bracelet

"For our first meeting, I visited the Ethan Lord showroom downtown on Chicago’s Jewelers Row. They’re located in the Jewelers Center on Wabash and their space is just lovely! I was warmly greeted by Kristy and Erika from their team and got a tour of the space as well as some peeks behind the scenes! Then, we sat down with some bubbles to start designing and sketching out ideas for my bracelet. Before coming in, I already knew that I wanted something that I would be able to wear every day and that had special meaning behind it. So, my mind immediately went to the Bowtiful Life bow!"

Step 1: Sketching, Playing with Materials

"Erika sketched out some ideas and we discussed how I wanted the bracelet to sit on my wrist, how we wanted to place the diamonds within the bow and all the other little details! I also got to review different chain & clasp styles to pick the ones I liked best for my bracelet."

Step 2: Computer Aided Design (CAD)

"The next step in the process was sharing our ideas with the design team so they could create a CAD of my bow! CAD is a way to get a digital preview of a piece of jewelry before it’s made. It was SO cool to see how realistic it looked and I loved seeing the first step in bringing the bow to life! Once the CAD design was all set and approved it was time to make a wax casting of the bow so I could see the size in person. "

Step 3: Approve the Prototype

" Once the wax was ready, I popped back in to meet with Erika and see how it turned out! I have to tell you, it was WILD to see our vision physically coming to life. Obviously, the Bowtiful Life bow prior to this project has always been 2-D, so to see it in 3-D for the first time was so cool!"

Step 4: Production (Then Pickup!)

"I am beyond thrilled with my bracelet and I’ve been wearing it every day since I picked it up! We also added a special personal detail to the back. There’s a small engraving that says “2012,” which is the year that I started Bowtiful Life!"

Spoiler Alert: She Loved It!

"I know that I will have this bracelet for the rest of my life and that someday I’ll be able to pass it down to my future daughter, and through future generations of my family. Even if I’m not blogging some day, Bowtiful Life will live on through this precious piece. I am so grateful for this amazing experience and to have this beautiful memento of something that has been an absolutely monumental aspect of my life. A HUGE thank you to Kristy, Erika, and the whole Ethan Lord team for helping to bring my bow to life and for being so incredible to work with. I had a blast and loved this entire process! I would absolutely recommend Ethan Lord Jewelers if you’re in the market for a special piece of jewelry for yourself or someone in your life."

Our Reviews


Erika listened to what we wanted, showed us what we asked for, and answered our questions clearly. No hidden agenda just wanting to do the best for the customers. I would give her 6 ⭐️ if possible

August, 2021

Ryan M.

I had a great experience with Erika. She really did her research before my appointment and catered the diamonds we looked at to what I told her was important for me. She was patient, friendly, and taught me a lot about ring/diamond details I hadn't thought of.

August, 2021

John S.

Best experience I could have had designing and purchasing an engagement ring. Danny was fantastic to work with, patient, and diligent. After helping design, he sourced stones until we found the perfect ones and was a pleasure to work with.

August, 2021

Scott K.

I highly recommend! I was pretty nervous about the process, but Eric's relaxed vibe and being able to clearly explain how everything works really relieved my stress. My favorite part is that after I initially told Eric my budget, he never tried to up-sell me on a more expensive product--he stayed within my range at all times.

June, 2021

Jacqueline B.

Lauren is amazing. I had a great experience at Ethan Lord; highly recommend. Driving to the city is absolutely worth it for EL!

February, 2021

Amanda V.

What a wonderful experience I had at Ethan Lord. I was able to customize my wedding bands to my engagement ring. Lauren assisted me every step of the way and was incredibly courteous and helpful throughout the entire process.

March, 2021

Venita F.

My consultant Eric was fantastic! He helped us design a very special engagement ring to replace one lost many years ago. The new ring was a way to celebrate our 37 years of marriage. Thanks Eric. I love my ring!

October, 2020

Peri M.

I had an incredible experience working with Lauren and her team at Ethan Lord Jewelers. Lauren was very patient, attentive, reassuring, and caring... The proposal went great and seeing my fiancé's face light up when she saw the ring, I know I made the right choice to go with Ethan Lord.

October, 2020

Colin O.

Of all of the other jewelers we had talked with Danny was most insightful, helpful, patient, and took the time to educate us on the elements of diamonds as much as possible...  I would give it 6 stars if I could...

November, 2020

Yun P.

I had a few appointments w diamond dealers in Chicago. I had Eric as a rep and he was the most professional and knowledgeable. Follow up was amazing and overall amazing to work with.

April, 2021

Michelle J.

Every interaction we had was stellar from the 1st time we walked in to the moment we received the ring and thereafter. The vibe you get is that they are truly excited to see you and everyone enjoys being there.

March, 2020