Unlike cake at a wedding reception, wedding rings are meant to last, beautifully symbolizing the love and commitment a couple have for each other. If you’re a soon-to-be bride and wondering how to choose a wedding ring that you’ll treasure, here are some important considerations to help lead you in the right direction.

Establish a budget. Before finding a wedding band that you love only to learn you can’t afford it, set a budget and stick to it. Generally, metal type, embellishments and/or engraving will significantly add to the overall price. For example, an unadorned, 14-karat rose gold ring will cost less than a platinum eternity band with diamonds.

Choose a metal type. Worn closest to their heart, many brides like to have their wedding bands complement or match their engagement rings. Decide whether you want your wedding ring’s metal to match your engagement ring, or if you want a different metal. Standard metals to choose from include:

‑Rose gold
‑Yellow gold
‑White gold

Opposites attract. Is your engagement ring an ornate showpiece? Consider a classic, simple wedding band to accompany it. Do you have a solitaire engagement ring? To offset it, go with a more elaborate design, perhaps a pave diamond eternity ring or one with emerald-cut diamonds halfway around the band.

Start the process early. The sooner you start the wedding ring shopping process the better. Research online to narrow your options and get a feel for what ring designs attract you. Since this is such a significant purchase, be sure you’re ready to commit. The last thing you want is to make a rushed decision, only to regret it down the road.

Try them on. When selecting the perfect wedding dress, you likely had to try on different styles in order to make a decision. The same applies to wedding bands, so be sure to try on a wide variety of rings to get a sense of what feels and looks the best on your finger, together with your engagement ring. A wedding band that you didn’t even expect to like may catch your eye.

Lifestyle matters. Because this is a piece of jewelry you’ll be wearing on your finger every day, take your lifestyle into account. The ring should feel like it becomes a part of you. It should never feel cumbersome or uncomfortable when you’re moving your hands. Determine whether you will be comfortable with an ornate ring, or if something more sleek will suit your day-to-day needs better.

Get an accurate size. Keep in mind that finger size can change depending on the time of day and weather. If you’re cold, your fingers will likely shrink. If you’re hot or retaining water, your fingers will expand. Try your best to get measured when your fingers are at their typical size. This will save you the hassle and expense of needing to get the ring resized in the future.

Go custom. If you can’t find the ring that you’ve envisioned, opt for a customized ring. This way you can create your dream ring by picking the metal, diamond shape, carat weight and more. When working with an experienced jeweler such as Ethan Lord Jewelers, you can rest assured that your ring will be crafted with the utmost quality and care.

Ultimately, choosing a wedding ring is a special decision and an important investment intended to last a lifetime. With the suggestions above you’ll have the perfect wedding ring to wear, starting on the day you say, “I do!”