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Future Heirlooms

Imagine giving or wearing a one-of-a-kind piece that you know will be treasured for generations to come. Fine jewelry — gold, gemstones, diamonds, engraving — is one of the few things that stands the test of time.

We Can Help Brainstorm

We'll make it easy for you to come up with the perfect motif for a special necklace or bracelet. Together, we can collaborate and make creative suggestions. Shown: a sweet diamond olive branch inspired by the name 'Olivia'.

Personalized for Your Price Range

When you have an idea of what you’d like to spend, we’ll propose designs and materials that will work with your budget. Typically, custom without gemstones starts around $1,200 and increases depending on design and materials. SHOP IT NOW

Existing Clients Have it Even Easier

If you worked with us on a wedding or engagement ring, you’re already a step ahead; we can pull up original CAD files, check finger sizes, and generally have a feel for the style you’re going for. Shown: a custom pearl ring to complement her diamond band.

The No-Brainer Route

Give an unforgettable present: a gift certificate toward customized jewelry, Ethan Lord diamonds and jewelry, or any online order. We can mail a paper copy to you or the recipient or email a personalized promo code. BUY ONLINE NOW

Rethink Your Old Gems

There’s nothing worse than having a jewelry box full of unworn jewelry. With a little imagination, we can reset many precious and semi-precious gemstones into new designs that you’ll actually want to wear. Shown: red jade reworked from old designs.

Spell It Out

A quick and affordable way to express yourself or keep loved ones close is to create initial necklaces with individual letters of your choice. Or try a tiny heart to wear always. HEART and MAMA pendants

Our Reviews


Erika listened to what we wanted, showed us what we asked for, and answered our questions clearly. No hidden agenda just wanting to do the best for the customers. I would give her 6 ⭐️ if possible

August, 2021

Ryan M.

I had a great experience with Erika. She really did her research before my appointment and catered the diamonds we looked at to what I told her was important for me. She was patient, friendly, and taught me a lot about ring/diamond details I hadn't thought of.

August, 2021

John S.

Best experience I could have had designing and purchasing an engagement ring. Danny was fantastic to work with, patient, and diligent. After helping design, he sourced stones until we found the perfect ones and was a pleasure to work with.

August, 2021

Scott K.

I highly recommend! I was pretty nervous about the process, but Eric's relaxed vibe and being able to clearly explain how everything works really relieved my stress. My favorite part is that after I initially told Eric my budget, he never tried to up-sell me on a more expensive product--he stayed within my range at all times.

June, 2021

Jacqueline B.

Lauren is amazing. I had a great experience at Ethan Lord; highly recommend. Driving to the city is absolutely worth it for EL!

February, 2021

Amanda V.

What a wonderful experience I had at Ethan Lord. I was able to customize my wedding bands to my engagement ring. Lauren assisted me every step of the way and was incredibly courteous and helpful throughout the entire process.

March, 2021

Venita F.

My consultant Eric was fantastic! He helped us design a very special engagement ring to replace one lost many years ago. The new ring was a way to celebrate our 37 years of marriage. Thanks Eric. I love my ring!

October, 2020

Peri M.

I had an incredible experience working with Lauren and her team at Ethan Lord Jewelers. Lauren was very patient, attentive, reassuring, and caring... The proposal went great and seeing my fiancé's face light up when she saw the ring, I know I made the right choice to go with Ethan Lord.

October, 2020

Colin O.

Of all of the other jewelers we had talked with Danny was most insightful, helpful, patient, and took the time to educate us on the elements of diamonds as much as possible...  I would give it 6 stars if I could...

November, 2020

Yun P.

I had a few appointments w diamond dealers in Chicago. I had Eric as a rep and he was the most professional and knowledgeable. Follow up was amazing and overall amazing to work with.

April, 2021

Michelle J.

Every interaction we had was stellar from the 1st time we walked in to the moment we received the ring and thereafter. The vibe you get is that they are truly excited to see you and everyone enjoys being there.

March, 2020

Quick Wins: Engraving

Engraving is a great option for almost everyone – and it’s pretty quick! We can create and engrave all sorts of classic designs. Shown: a handwritten love note laser engraved onto a simple gold bar pendant. Get Your Own!

If You're Totally Starting From Scratch

If you’re not even sure where to start, we'll create designs to choose from based on your style, price range, and wish list. Design starts at $150 and is applied to the cost of your final piece. Shown: one of 3 design options presented to a client who wanted a birthstone pendant.

Send us Your Ideas

When you’ve got an idea for your custom design, share it with us! You can send pictures or webpage links via email or even text: 312-874-5891. Shown: Roman numeral birthstone band.

A Hands on Approach to Design

Your design will likely go from pencil sketch to 3D CAD/CAM tech and prototypes, and then back into the hands of a master craftsperson. You’ll be able to see — and touch — your design during the various stages before the final piece is complete. See Megan's Experience

Other Alternatives to Diamonds

We offer unique cuts, colored diamonds and gems, Moissanites, birthstones, and more. Set up an appointment to learn about your options.