Tips To Keep Your Diamond Engagement Ring Sparkling 

Whether it be a diamond engagement ring or a family heirloomdiamond rings are more than just beloved jewelry pieces. So, if a diamond is truly your best friend; it's time to utilize these best practices for cleaning and maintenance..

Here are some of the best tips to easily and conveniently restore the shine of your diamond rings:
  • Always be gentle with your diamond rings and avoid using pressure.  
  • Wrap the diamond rings in protective cotton, linen, or microfiber cloth to preserve their sparkle when not in use. You can also use a microfiber cloth to clean and polish diamond engagement rings.
  • Prevention is key to keeping your diamond's shine, so remove your diamond engagement ring when cleaning, cooking, or washing. Also avoid touching your diamonds, because oils, lotions, and soap from your fingers will deposit on your diamond and dull the sparkle.
  • Of course, always avoid knocking or scraping your ring on hard surfaces. 
  • Do not use professional ultrasonic cleaners by yourself. 
These tips are a great way to keep your diamond rings shining bright, but if you need a bit of extra TLC, we recommend you get in touch with us for our professional cleaning and assistance.