Just starting your search to see what style ring you love most? We’d love to help. Get started by making an appointment, and read on to see what you can expect to get out of your visit:

Don't Expect the Usual 

You'll notice right away when you walk in that we're different than most jewelers.

  • We don’t have glass cases full of rings or other jewelry on display.
  • There are no roving salespeople waiting around to sell something to you.
  • We don’t carry inventory or brand names (we can make better jewelry ourselves for less and then pass the value along to you).

What You Can Expect in Service & Hospitality 

We want you to have fun and walk away closer to your dream ring. You'll have space to relax and enjoy yourself in a laid-back environment.

  • You’ll probably sit at the bar, our roomiest and brightest space, where you can make yourself comfortable.
  • You'll get to narrow down your favorite styles: diamond shape and size, setting design, metal type.
  • We’ll skip the in-depth diamond education. Unless you request to see diamonds and have a size, shape, and price range in mind, we'll save that for another visit. (Learn more about personalized diamond consultations)
  • Your style guide will be as hands-on or hands-off as you'd like. We'll be there to answer questions and provide as much or as little assistance as you need to figure out what you love the most.
  • You can record all of your notes in your client profile, which you're welcome to update any time. Fee free to start now: bit.ly/RingFaves
  • If you like, we can email your notes to your significant other (S.O.) to get the ball rolling!

What You Can Expect in Stones & Styles

  • You’ll browse trays with lots of engagement ring samples designed by us. They look like white gold set with colorless diamonds.
  • We don't have every single design possible, but your ring will be made just for you when the time comes, so can customize your dream ring however you'd like!
  • Most of our samples are set with round brilliant centers in the 1-1.5ct range. We do have a mini assortment of larger samples up to 3.5cts.
  • We have a smaller selection of rings with the most popular fancy cuts (oval, cushion, radiant, etc.) to help you choose your favorite diamond shape.
  • We have samples of yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum to help you choose your favorite metal type and color.
  • We’ll size your ring finger. If your size changes down the road or your S.O. somehow gets it wrong, don’t worry, we’ll always resize your Ethan Lord rings for free.

We're excited to help you get closer to your dream ring! Space is limited, so schedule your appointment soon to reserve your spot.

Please schedule with the reasonable expectation that you and your S.O. will consider purchasing ring(s) from Ethan Lord when the time comes.

Contact us now and specify "Just Browsing Ring Styles"