Buying the perfect, matching wedding bands

There is no day more important in life than your wedding day. From the wedding dress and the floral arrangements, to the venue and choice of song for the first dance – absolutely everything has to be perfect to ensure that your wedding day is remembered for the right reasons.  Choosing a set of perfectly matching wedding bands is especially important. The exchange of rings signifies the most important part of your wedding ceremony, and its important to remember you will be wearing your wedding bands for the remainder of your lives together.

Here are a few tips for ensuring your wedding bands exceed your expectations:

Contemporary or classic style?

You will be wearing your wedding ring for the rest of your life so it is important to consider the style of the ring carefully. A classic style is likely to have little adornment and will stand the test of time, however it may not make the statement you are looking for. If making a statement with your wedding bands is a top priority, then consider a style that is more contemporary.


Every relationship is different, as well as every wedding, and we feel every wedding band should have unique and special qualities. If you would like to add a personalized touch to your wedding bands, you should consider having a message, a word, or the date of the wedding engraved on the ring.

The fit of the wedding band

There is little worse than purchasing a pair of beautifully matching wedding bands that do not fit. As you and your partner will be wearing your wedding bands forever, it is critical to be certain they fit both of you properly. Wedding bands can extend from 4mm through to 9mm and measurements should be taken prior to your wedding ceremony to ensure the optimum fit.

Which metal?

Many individuals have preferences regarding which metals they choose to accessorize with in jewelry. While Platinum might suit one person, Rose Gold would be the optimum choice fMor another couple. Discuss the choice with your partner to ensure that you are both happy with the final result.

At Ethan Lord, we have been supplying couples with their stunning, matching wedding bands since 1998. Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than designing and creating wedding jewelry that captures a couple’s vision entirely.