We focus on education and honesty when discussing buying online. It's in our best interest that we give it to you straight and earn your trust, regardless of where you decide to buy. Hear us out on what we've learned working with 1000s of diamonds and clients: we don't recommend selecting diamonds without viewing them in person.

It's That Old Adage "You Get What You Pay For"

The average online diamond is owned by a large etailer or conglomerate, and unfortunately it's not usually a diamond that fine jewelers would carry in their stores. That's because laboratory reports and grading are not all created equal, and certificates don't reveal the quality of the material or the way the diamond truly looks in real life. We hear this from clients: regret for purchasing a diamond that doesn't sparkle or have any life. You can see the obvious difference in person.

We don't own our own diamonds or carry inventory; instead, we bring in the right diamonds just for your visit, based on what you like. Our Jewelers Row location and excellent diamond dealer relationships make it possible for us to only show you quality diamonds that will give you the best bang for your buck. 

Many in the industry say that if a diamond is being sold on the internet, it's probably for a reason. This admittedly not true every single time, but from what we've seen – unfortunately for the customer – it usually is. The old adage “you get what you pay for” applies. Read on to learn why.

More Than the Four Cs

Diamonds are special and each is unique. They are cut and polished from rough material that forms with characteristics that can look like clouds, inclusions, colors, pinpoints, fluorescence, feathers and more. Not every feature is going to be revealed in a diamond grading certificate, especially the overall appearance and WOW factor. The "Four Cs" can't tell the whole story. 

For example, a side-by-side image that’s widely circulated to illustrate one effect that can’t be seen on paper (milkiness) is seen here.

Which is why the only way to know for sure that you're getting a brilliant, head-turning, dazzling diamond is to see it for yourself.

Comparing Prices and Certificates

People wonder whether they will save money by purchasing online. We do a lot of research in this area and find that pricing is comparable - as long as we’re looking at apples-to-apples. Think again about the characteristics that aren't revealed in the "Four Cs". You may have 2 GIA-graded diamonds that look the same on paper but completely different in person. 

And that's not even taking into consideration that different labs have different diamond grading standards. 

It's possible to have 2 diamonds with the same Cut, Color and Clarity that look completely different in person. If there is a big disparity in price, in most cases the 2 diamonds don't look the same. 

The truth is that occasionally there are times when online pricing for quality diamonds can’t be beat. Usually these diamonds are sourced from estate sales and are purchased for pennies on the dollar vs market value. We wouldn’t know it by looking at the diamond or certificate, but this is typically the case when something is priced “too good to be true”. 


In-Person Perks

Find a good relationship with a reputable jeweler that you can depend on. We offer:

  • FREE lifetime maintenance (sizing, polishing, plating, accent diamond replacement, repairs) and no need to worry about long shipping lead times. 
  • No diamond FOMO. We can find that needle in a haystack, the perfect diamond set into the perfect ring.
  • Expanded inventory. Many diamond dealers will only make their premium inventory available to high-end jewelry stores with whom they have established relationships


See It to Believe It 

We encourage clients who are considering buying online to let us know. We are happy to do side-by-side comparisons in person so you can see all your options. It can be very difficult - even with the best technology - to fully appreciate the way diamonds will show in person.

And we argue that the way a diamond will look in-person (and on her hand) is all that matters.