It’s fairly common for people to be interested in different styles of engagement rings and even want to know more about where and how the diamonds are sourced. Yet there is much more that goes into the finished product displayed in a jewelry store. If you’re curious to know more about your ring, keep reading to discover how engagement rings are made.

Personalized Design Process of Engagement Rings

While the step-by-step process can be a little different between ready-made and custom-made engagement rings, the overall method is similar. Rather than being an assembly line-type system, the creation of an engagement ring tends to be more personal and carried out by hand. The entire process can involve a number of vendors and craftspeople who take care of different aspects, such as the sourcing and storing of materials and the assembly process.

What are the steps in the engagement ring creation method?

Precious Metals for the Band

As an important part of an engagement ring, the band and setting are sourced and crafted from the precious metal of choice, such as gold or platinum. To make the band, the craftsperson needs to bend the metal into an open circle and solder it closed. Additional steps ensure that the band is smooth and consistent throughout. The ring head that will hold the diamond is also crafted and soldered to the band. At the end, the craftsperson makes sure that the band is the correct size and polishes it for a beautiful finish.

The Centerpiece: Diamonds

Generally, an engagement ring will include at least one diamond. Depending on the situation, the jeweler will source the stone from available stock on site or have a supplier ship the specified diamond. Often, jewelers do not keep an abundance of diamonds in stock because of the risks and expenses associated with storing and protecting such valuable assets. Instead, they tend to order them from a supplier when a customer chooses a ring.

When the jewelry store receives the diamond, a gemologist will make sure that the stone used matches the diamond grade that the customer has chosen to fit a budget or personal preferences. Before being added to the ring, the diamond is also inspected to make sure it’s in prime condition and then polished. When the diamond's quality is approved and it's ready for the ring, a bench jeweler uses specialty tools to place the diamond into the ring head. This process could vary slightly if the ring features a different setting than a solitaire ring head, but the idea of adding diamonds to the band setting is the same.

Finishing Touches

Once the parts of the ring are fully assembled, the finished piece is washed and any issues are fixed to guarantee the best look and quality level. This includes making sure the sizing is still correct and that the diamonds are securely in place. At the end of the creation process, the ring is polished to make it shine brilliantly.

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