Are you looking for the perfect ring for your engagement? Choosing an engagement ring is a very special process, and you can make it unique by customizing it to match your personal style.

Here are a few unique engagement ring ideas for customizing your ring, and visit this page to see actual client creations:

Design your ring around the center diamond (or gem)

We recommend picking your center diamond (or gemstone) first and then having the ring setting customized to fit it perfectly. You get a one-of-a-king ring made just for you and complete control of the design. 

Plus, by selecting the diamond first and then designing the setting, you get to see the stone loose from all angles, and no part of it will be blocked by prongs or metal. This way, you can compare it with other diamonds or gems side-by-side. With the help of a good jeweler who can work with you on your custom ring ideas, you'll first choose the right centerpiece and then build around it. 

Emerald Yellow Gold 3 Stone Engagement Ring

Choose a colored gemstone

When it comes to the stone set in the ring, a colored gemstone is a very individual and symbolic choice. The gemstone you pick to customize your engagement ring can not only bring your personal style to the ring, but also convey a deeper meaning of love, happiness and commitment. Gemstones are becoming increasingly popular and are beautiful to customize.

We recommend sticking to the hardest and most durable gemstones: rubies and sapphires, which come in a variety of colors. In fact, sapphires can be blue, yellow, pink, teal, and other shades.

Morganites are also popular for their soft pink and peachy colors. If you've got your heart set on something delicate such as a pearl, you can create a beautiful, unique alternative engagement ring design — just be aware that they are prone to breakage and should not be worn as often as a diamond engagement ring. 

moi et toi Engagement Ring

Try two diamonds instead of one—like a moi et toi ring

If instead of choosing a gemstone as the centerpiece in your ring, you still want to have a diamond, you can also go a non-traditional route by selecting two diamonds at the center.

A unique way to customize your ring can be by selecting the “moi et toi” style, which consists of two gems on the ring close to each other or side by side. “Moi et toi” means “me and you,” and used in rings, this style is very romantic.

Use a family or heirloom diamond and have it reset it into a new style 

As you can see, you have many choices when it comes to the center stone. A family or heirloom diamond is a classic option and can have a lot of meaning in an engagement ring. You can bring the family stone into a jeweler and specify how you want to customize the setting to create a unique and meaningful ring that you can wear every day.

Browse client custom pieces for ideas. 

Engagement Rings with Hidden Halos

Add a hidden halo under the center setting

To complement the center diamond or gem, you can customize its setting by adding a hidden halo underneath. The halo can add a lot of sparkle to the stone and make the ring have a special glow that makes it completely unique.

Also called a drop halo, this setting features a small halo of diamonds which surrounds the center stone. This is a creative way of transforming the ring so it’s more elaborate and eye-catching, while keeping the focus on the main diamond. By contrast, a full or "regular" halo is a prominent feature that encircles the center and is one of the first things you'd notice. 

Set tiny gemstones into the band, even on the inside as a secret only you and your
significant other know

Another unique idea for customizing your ring and giving it more meaning is to add tiny gemstones into the band. You could tuck them under the center, inside the band against your finger, or have them set along the sides for all to see. These can be diamonds or birthstones, which carry a lot of sentimental value. 

They can make the ring catch the eye’s attention and add more detail to the band, or they can be hidden from view and your own little secret. 

For a vintage touch, add milgrain to the band or settings

Gemstones are not the only option when it comes to embellishing the band and diamond settings — you can also add tiny beads to it. These tiny beads, known as milgrain, can give your ring the vintage feel of an ornate gold or platinum border. 

Add hand engraving to the outside of the band

Another way to create a vintage feeling for your ring, and one of the most lovely custom ring ideas, is to add a hand-etched engraving to the band. Popular designs include vines, floral motifs, scrolls, and traditional emblems that look like soft wheat shafts.

Add engraving to the inside of the band

This way of customizing your engagement ring can include the date of your engagement, your significant other's name, or any special message you want to keep forever inside the band of the ring. By designing and choosing an engraving, you're creating a unique secret message that's special to the two of you.

Work with a custom jeweler like Ethan Lord to make your ring to order

We can customize your engagement ring and take you through the entire process from sketch to CAD to production and finishing. We'll learn your preferences, style, and budget and then work together to bring your custom engagement ring ideas to life.

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