Cleaning your diamond ring at home can be easy. We all know how difficult it would be to get an expert cleaning every time the dust settles on your diamond. Here's a behind-the-scenes guide from diamond pros on the best ways to clean a diamond ring at home.

  1. Check the Ring’s Condition First - It's important to look into the condition of your diamond ring before you begin to clean it. You should always check for possibilities of damage other than dirt. For example, confirm the prongs of the ring are firm, and the diamond is not loose. In such cases, it is better you take your diamond ring to an expert to fix and clean to avoid causing further damage.

  2. Start Diamond Ring Cleaning Using Soap and Water - This gentle method is the best way to clean a diamond ring at home, regardless of the precious metal type and the ring setting. To restore the sparkle and remove the debris from your favorite ring, mix soap (we recommend dish soap like Dawn!) and warm water and soak the ring for 20-40 minutes, depending on how dirty it looks. Next, lightly bush the debris and gunk from your ring using a toothbrush, and then rinse it thoroughly under running water.

  3. Only Clean Diamond Rings Using Non-Abrasive and Chemical Free Solutions - If your ring comes in contact with hazardous chemicals, it can face damages, corrosion, and discoloration. Avoid using household cleaners like bleach, acetone, and chlorine. These harsh materials can break down the composition of the metals in the ring. Likewise, abrasive materials like toothpaste, powdered cleaners, and baking soda can scratch your rings and other jewelry, so avoid them too!

  4. Dry Your Diamond Ring - Scratch-free materials like cotton and linen cloths are ideal for drying your diamond ring. Leaving your ring to air dry is an option (as long as the diamond is in a safe area!), although you may notice water spots as it dries. If this is the case, rinse again and blot with a soft cloth. 

  5. Try a More Professional Clean at Home - You should find that gently soaking, brushing, and drying will help keep your ring sparkling. If you still want to go further, consider trying an at home ultrasonic jewelry cleaner or - if you're really serious about keeping clean - a professional grade multi-purpose jewelry steamer and cleaner. And of course, you're welcome to swing by our showroom with your Ethan Lord rings - we are happy to provide a complimentary deep cleaning while you wait!

  6. Keep Your Ring Safe - It's good practice to clean your diamond rings before putting them away. Keeping your rings in microfiber or velvet bags is an easy way to keep them safe and protected. You don't wnat them banging up against other diamonds or jewelry, which can result in scratches and other damage.

  7. Get in touch with us if you think your diamond rings need professional cleaning and assistance.