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We're so lucky to have an amazing team that's well known in the industry - and among clients - for being smart, funny, generous, talented, and experts in the field. In order of tenure:

Erika, Manager, GIA Certified

Erika started as an admin after graduating from DePaul, and over the past 9+ years has become an amazing jeweler, friend to all, and boss lady. She swears that she used to be painfully shy, but we’re not sure we believe her! Born in Romania, she moved to the US at 13, when she already spoke 4 languages but zero English. She made it work right away though, and she won a statewide (English) essay contest in her very first year. She’s still just like that: already smart but always still looking to learn more. She relishes new challenges and meeting new people. She’s got an excellent eye for the sparkliest diamonds, plus clearly she has great style. She genuinely loves jewelry and design but her favorite part of the job is maintaining the relationships she’s built with clients over the years - nothing is cooler than being there for a couple’s engagement, wedding, anniversaries, children (she is still waiting for someone to name their firstborn Erika). Erika does not like fruit, but she does love her teacup Chihuahua, Truck.

Eric, Consultant, GIA Certified

Eric is our Chicago jewelry OG. He grew up in a family business and has been expertly sourcing diamonds and gems ever since. He has been part of the ELJ and Casting House teams for the past 9 years and has built up a huge family of loyal clients and colleagues. He’s our go-to for all things Chicago sports and events. He knows everyone and has friends everywhere, so you're just as likely to get help snagging tickets to the next big game as you are to Disney on Ice. (And hey, Eric's even great with kids!) He also has a heart of gold and is well known for bending over backwards for customers and coworkers. He’s beyond resourceful and just really knows his stuff. ELJ doesn't sell watches, but feel free to ask Eric your watch questions, he can help. He’s got excellent, long-standing relationships with diamond dealers, gem cutters, and jewelers, who have respected him for years. Eric loves the industry and his clients, but he also loves warm weather and escaping to Florida any chance he can get.

Danny, Consultant, Sketch Artist

Danny attended college for art and design, and once he found jewelry, he was hooked. He still does most of our sketches, and we turn to him for personalized, unique designs that clients love. The sky’s the limit, so if you can imagine it, he can help you bring it to life. He keeps up with trends and production capabilities, so he's a wonderful resource for creating new jewelry designs. Danny says that the best part of his job is getting to interact with people and help them figure out exactly what they want - and he does it expertly! He also loves searching high and low for the perfect diamond for clients and has an affinity for lab created stones. A total music lover, his favorite band is Umphrey's McGee, who he’s seen live SEVENTY SEVEN times. We tease him, but his loyalty and enthusiasm is admirable. His other favorite hobbies include Netflix and draft beer, so he's tons of fun to chat with and trade movie recommendations over a frosty mug.

Andrea, Client Services, Design Associate

We call her the “face” of ELJ because she probably will be the first person you see when you walk in. And you’ll be so glad! She is adored by clients, vendors, and colleagues who enter into her front door domain. She’s like a ray of sunshine (even though she wears all black) and can be counted on to be “on it”. Watching her keep us all organized, you’d think she’s be an excellent cat herder. She’s developed a wealth of jewelry knowledge over the past 2 years, makes excellent design recommendations and can quickly assess repairs, design ideas, and sizings. When you meet her or speak to her over the phone, be assured that you're good hands and working with someone who really cares about helping you. She has a deep love for Stevie Nicks, likes to ski, and has great taste in jewelry.

Kristy, President

A boomerang employee, Kristy returned to ELJ as a passionate eCommerce professional and former digital product manager. She is fanatical about everything the internet can do and was shocked to learn that - maybe, just maybe - diamonds are best selected in person. Kristy's love for jewelry took root nearly 2 decades ago, and she's since attended GIA and other industry institutions throughout the years in tandem with earning her MBA. Her first stint with ELJ's parent company was 2008-2012, when she worked for the jewelry manufacturer as a CAD manager, marketing director, and product developer. But today she obsesses behind the scenes about supporting the team and their amazing clients. Kristy's favorite thing to do in her downtime is to hang out with her kids and husband in the city. She can't cook and is grateful for all the wonderful food Chicago has to offer! Feel free to reach out to her directly any time at [email protected]

Lauren, Consultant, GIA Certified

Lauren is a natural diamond and design consultant because she’s just so damn excited about helping people out. She truly can’t wait to help guys find the perfect diamond to propose with, and she loves hearing couples tell the stories of how they met. Lauren finds meaning and excitement in every project. Lauren graduated with a BA in Fashion from the Illinois Institute of Art, so she’s got an eye for style. She also has a background in customized production, and used to run the embroidery presses at a local company that specializes in wedding invitations and personalized gifts. Jewelry is a natural extension of those stories, and she’s jumped right in since joining ELJ. Now she’s working her way through the GIA’s Graduate Gemologist degree. Lauren recently got engaged herself, and her fiancé came to Ethan Lord under a series of fake names and shadowy appointments, to keep the whole thing under wraps. It worked and she was surprised! Besides having marriage on the horizon, she's busy at home with her dog, cat, and cool artistic hobbies such as vinyl letter making.

Our Jewelers and Manufacturers

We're backed by a leading jewelry manufacturer that employs Chicago's top talent, and they make most of our jewelry right here in the Mallers Building. CAD/CAM professionals, casting and production experts, the finest bench jewelers and gemstone setters produce heirloom-quality jewelry on the 6th floor. You get direct access to our world-class production team, which means big-name brand quality without inflated pricing. As a result, we're proud to offer free lifetime maintenance and the best value for your money. Learn More

ELJ Specialties

  • Engagement and Wedding Rings
  • Custom Jewelry Design
  • GIA-Certified Diamonds
  • Ring Resets and Repairs
  • CanadaMark Diamonds
  • Anniversary and Fine Jewelry
  • Lab Grown Diamonds and Alternatives
  • Colored Gemstones

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Our Reviews

Michelle J.

Every interaction we had was stellar from the 1st time we walked in to the moment we received the ring and thereafter. The vibe you get is that they are truly excited to see you and everyone enjoys being there.

March, 2020

Stephanie M.

Erika is an absolute pleasure to work with! With the help of Erika and my Fiancé, we were able to create the engagement ring of my dreams! Because of our wonderful experience, we are now in the process of designing our wedding bands! We cannot wait to see how they turn out! Thank you Erika and the Ethan Lord team

July, 2020


I highly recommend going to Ethan Lord and asking for Lauren. I really lucked out working with her. She was knowledgeable and patient... Her insight was very comforting. I truly have to give her credit for helping me find the exact ring I wanted.

Sept, 2019

Laura P.

My fiance got my engagement ring with Eric at ELJ, and we went back for wedding bands. We love Eric! He shoots it straight, is very knowledgeable, and trustworthy. You can go and see Eric without any fear of being talked into nonsense about diamonds and jewelry! I recommend to everyone!

March, 2020

Andrew M.

Eric is the man! He was very excellent with service, I got a great price and my fiancée is very pleased with her ring. I would recommend to anyone!

January, 2019


I can't say enough great things about Ethan Lord. I had the pleasure of working with Erika to re- design my engagement ring. She is beyond knowledgeable and kind, she listened to everything I had to say in regards to the redesign and together we came up with the perfect ring. I get compliments all the time about my ring. I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. 

July 29, 2019

Lizzie L.

Love these guys.  We bought our diamonds and designed our engagement and wedding rings with Devin, and have been working with the team on all our jewelry and diamond projects since.  They make us feel special every time we come in-- and I wouldn't trust anyone else like I do them.

May 17, 2019

Deborah F.

We can't say enough good things about working with Danny at Ethan Lord. Finding a jeweler was perhaps the one vendor selection that my husband and I were most unsure about. We hardly know anything about pricing, quality, and most of what would go towards making an informed decision... We are very thankful for all of Danny's work and highly recommend him.

June 14, 2019

Christine S.

Ethan Lord (specifically Andrea) is amazing! I recently got engaged and my fiancé purchased the ring from a small jeweler in California. When I needed to have sizing beads added, Ethan Lord handled my request quickly (same day!),,. I feel confident that we'll continue going to Ethan Lord for all my Chicago jewelry needs.

March 26, 2019

John K.

I visited Ethan Lord with a very specific custom engagement ring design in mind. Eric provided very useful advice... The price was very competitive and the included lifetime warranty and maintenance ensures the longevity of their jewelry. Overall, the experience was very pleasant and I would highly recommend Ethan Lord to anyone looking to create a custom engagement ring.

March 1, 2019

Derek B.

Eric is a lot of fun to work with and very knowledgeable about wedding jewelry- diamonds, engagement rings, and wedding bands... He is not pushy and does a great job of educating those who are new to the engagement shopping... For the experience of the high end Michigan Ave shops without the price, start at this convenient location and ask for Eric!

January 1, 2019

Clare C.

The best jewelers! Especially Erika. She helped my husband design my engagement ring, and I can't imagine a more gorgeous ring! We went back to her for our wedding bands, and they turned out beautifully... We will absolutely be going back to this team for any future jewelry purchases!

June 21, 2018

Megan L.

Eric is the absolute best! He made my engagement ring and my wedding ring. Also made my husband's wedding band. No better place to go for custom jewelry, or any jewelry for that matter. Don't bother with anyone else, Eric is the best of the best!

September, 2018

Kenneth C.

Dan is the man! He helped us design a custom engagement ring over two months, many sketches, and even more emails. Not only is he insanely talented, he legitimately cares about your situation. Ethan Lorde and all its employees were committed to helping us find the perfect ring... Ethan Lord is the place to go, and if you work with Dan then lucky you!

January, 2019

Andrew S.

Eric was amazing in helping me find a gorgeous diamond that, while not necessarily the biggest, was truly unique and something that my now-fiancee would truly love! He put it in the perfect setting and I was able to discreetly sneak away to pick it up while she was shopping nearby, and I became engage the following morning! At Ethan Lord's, I feel like I designed the perfect ring, saved money (actually stayed on the low end of my intended budget), and made a few new friends! I look forward to visiting them again in future years for fashion jewelry.

January, 2019

Sandra H. 

Exceptional customer service with great craftsmanship and using top quality materials! This jewelry shop is number one in Chicago!

March, 2019